Men's/Children's/Boys' Pirate Costumes
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Very loose-fitting, unlined jacket and vest have front bands, underlap, and stitched hem. A: Contrast bands and cuffs. Loose-fitting, pullover tops have back keyhole closure and sleeve variations. C, D: Three-quarter length sleeves and zig-zag hems. D: Contrast sleeves. E: Long sleeves with gathered hem ruffle. Purchased bias tape to finish all necklines, armholes B and sleeve casing E. Pants have elasticized waist, and legs G. C, D, F: Raw edge finish. F: Zig-zag hem. Jabot has neck band, ruffles and stays. Double-layered sash. Single-layer scarf, wrong side shows. A, B, H: Hook & loop closing. E, H, J: Narrow hem.

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