Apron and Kitchen Accessories
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Apron in size Small, Medium and Large; Contrast yoke, patch pockets, ties and band. Long Mitt B: 6½" x 41" (17 cm x 104 cm); Contrast back, upper front, bands and loop. Mitt C: Two 6½" x 11½" (17 cm x 29 cm); contrast band and loop. Mitt D: 7½" (19 cm) Square; Contrast lower front. Cupcake Potholder E: 6½" x 8"; Appliqués. Mug Potholder F: 8" x 8"; Appliqué. Towel G: One 15" x 28"; Contrast bands. Organizer Sack H: 9" x 11"; Contrast lining and loops. Plastic Bag Holder I: 13"; Contrast band and loop. Microwave Warmer Basket J: 11½" x 9" x 3"; Contrast lining.

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