Apron and Quilted Towels, Bags and Potholders

Apron A: Contrast collar and side-front pockets. Towel B: One 15" x 24"; Contrast appliqué and bands. Potholder C: 3½" x 4½". Potholder D: 2½" x 7". Potholder E: 4" Square. Potholder F: 5" x 8½" for size large and 4" x 7" for size small. Potholder G: 7" square for size large and 5" square for size small. F, G: Contrast front sections. C, D, E, F, G: Contrast bias binding and loop. Microwave Bag H: 9" x 12" for size large and 10" Square. for size small; Contrast front sections and binding.

Item shipped worldwide.