Apron, Ironing Board Cover, Organizer, Bins, Hanger Cover, Clothespin Holder, Banner and Scissor Caddy

Package includes patterns and instructions for ironing board cover A: Fits standard ironing board, 54" long. Laundry Bag B: 11" square, purchased drawstring cord. Hanger Cover C: 17½" x 7"; Self-lined. Clothespin Holder D: 17½" x 16"; contrast lining and purchased bias binding. Organizer E: 17½" x 36"; Contrast pockets and scissor caddy. Banner F: 65". Apron G: Small (6-8), medium (12-14) and large (16-18); Contrast lower ruffle. Bin H: 11" x 10½"; purchased webbing for handles. Bin I: 14" x 10" x 22". Bin H, I: Contrast lining and purchased contrast bias binding.

Item shipped worldwide.