How to Make It

Erin Austen Abbott

This is the tell-all, show-all guide to making a living by making things. Featuring 25 profiles of illustrators, jewelry designers, ceramicists, painters, clothing designers, and printmakers, this book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the daily rituals and best practices that keep these creative entrepreneurs on track. Each profile features a Q & A, day-in-the-life, and dazzling DIY project - including hand-forged bangle bracelets, woven coasters, and copper-leaf notebooks - to spark your creativity. The engaging text is paired alongside Abbott's charming photographs of the makers in action as they paint, sculpt, print, forge, cut, and dye their work. Makers include Nick Weaver and Josh West Business (Blue Delta Jean Co.), Emily Brock (Board and Bread), Britt Bass Turner (Roswell, Georgia), Caroline Z Hurley (Caroline Z Hurley Studio), Stephanie Housley (Coral & Tusk), Fay Andrada, Cat Seto (Ferme α Papier), Shauna Alterio and Stephanie Loidolt (Forage Haberdashery), Jesse Levison (Gold Teeth), Jen Hewett, Jenny Pennywood, Kate Roebuck (Kate Roebuck Studio), Erin Ozer (Knot & Bow), Maryanne Moodie, Carolyn Misterek (MATINE), Meg Gleason (Moglea), Brit McDaniel (Paper & Clay), Yas Imamura (Quill & Fox), Laura and Austen Whipple (Scout Books), William Knopp and Jessica Tata (Son of a Sailor), Eva and Kirk Jorgensen (Sycamore Street Press), Teppei Teranishi (Teranishi Studio), Emily Reinhardt (The Object Enthusiast), Lauren Bradshaw (Walnut Animal Society), Sonia Chhinji and Fouad Farraj (Woodlot).

ISBN-13 9781452150017

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