Delight in the Art of Collage

Lisa M. Pace
  • 30+ step-by-step mixed-media projects for creating unique collage and assemblage art
  • Chapters focus on techniques in four materials areas--paper, metal, fabric and wax/clay
  • Troubleshooting and tips for success; ideas for additional applications, variations and customization

In Delight in the Art of Collage, author Lisa Pace takes her pretty, vintage style to a whole new level! Readers will learn through dozens of brand new collage and assemblage projects to make items such as decor pieces, jewelry, charms, embellishments, and memory art. Readers will also have the opportunity to mix and match a wide variety of unique media including chicken wire, found metal objects, vintage papers, ribbons, paint, bee's wax, glitter (always glitter!) and more!

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