Collage Couture Studio Paper Dolls

Julie Nutting

In the same cute and sassy style author Julie Nutting used in Collage Couture, collage lovers will be given permission to create and play with paper dolls. One doll, Emilee, will serve as the book's "main character" and readers will be introduced to her and her travels as she meets up with four other doll friends: Bella, Charley, Francesca and Kiko. Each doll has her own personality and after being introduced to each, readers will be shown step by step ways to create their own clothes for the dolls, followed by fun backdrops as well as creative projects for actually using the dolls in mixed media artworks, art journals, and more.

  • The author's first book--Collage Couture--has been well loved by readers
  • Focused technique--collage--is an audience favorite
  • Offers fans of the first book an entirely new dimension in which to use their fashionable creations

ISBN-13 9781440329012

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