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Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings
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Line Art

NECKLACES, BRACELETS AND EARRINGS: Bracelet A. Bracelet B. Bracelet C: Button closure. Bracelet D: Self fabric bow. Bracelet E. Bracelet F. Bracelet G. View D,E,F,G have snap closure. Earrings H. Earrings I. Earrings J. Earrings/Necklace K. Earrings/Necklace L. Necklace M: Approximately 72" long. Necklace N.
Designed for Wool Felt.
SUGGESTED FABRICS: A,B,C,E,F,G,M,N: 3mm Wool Felt. D,H,I,J,K,L: 2mm Wool Felt.
All Views: Scissors and Exacto Knife. Optional: Rotary Cutter.
Bracelet B: Optional: Fabric Glue.
Bracelet C: One 7/8" Button.
Bracelet D,E,F: 3/16" Post Snaps: Three for View D and Two for View E,F. Also D: Optional: Fabric Glue.
Bracelet G: One 3/16" Post Snap and Four 1/4" Post Snaps.
Earrings H,I: One Pair of Ear Wires, Small Rings, Large Rings, Six 7mm Acrylic Stones and Jewelry Glue (E6000).
Earrings J: One Pair of Ear Wires and End Caps and Jewelry Glue (E6000).
Earrings, Necklace K: One 3mm Pearl Spray, One Pair of Ear Wires, Three End Caps, Neck Wire Necklace Kit and Jewelry Glue (E6000).
Earrings, Necklace L: One Pair of Ear Wires, Three 3/8" Glue On Flat Back Bails, One 1/4" Ring, Cord, Leather Lacing or Ribbon and Jewelry Glue (E6000). Optional: 7mm Acrylic Stones.
Necklace N: Six 1/4" Rings and One 3/16" Post Snap.

Fabric widths given in inches.
BRACELET A - 13" x 3" Fabric
BRACELET B - 101/2" x 7" Fabric
BRACELET C - 12" x 4" Fabric
BRACELET D - 11" x 71/2" Fabric
BRACELET E - 131/2" x 4" Fabric
BRACELET F - 10" x 3" Fabric
BRACELET G - 9" x 61/2" Fabric
EARRINGS H - 61/2" x 2" Fabric
EARRINGS I - 6" x 4" Fabric
EARRINGS J - 3" x 11/2" Fabric
EARRINGS, NECKLACE K - 3" x 3" Fabric
EARRINGS, NECKLACE L - 81/2" x 5" Fabric
NECKLACE M - 15" X 131/2" Fabric
NECKLACE N - 9" x 8" Fabric

Fabric widths given in centimeters.
BRACELET A - 33cm x 7.6cm Fabric
BRACELET B - 26.7 cm x 17.8cm Fabric
BRACELET C - 30.5cm x 10cm Fabric
BRACELET D - 28cm x 19 cm Fabric
BRACELET E - 34cm x 10cm Fabric
BRACELET F - 25cm x 7.6cm Fabric
BRACELET G - 22.9cm x 16.5cm Fabric
EARRINGS H - 16.5cm x 5cm Fabric
EARRINGS I - 15.2cm x 10cm Fabric
EARRINGS J - 7.6cm x 3.8cm Fabric
EARRINGS, NECKLACE K - 7.6cm x 7.6cm Fabric
EARRINGS, NECKLACE L - 21.6cm x 12.7cm Fabric
NECKLACE M - 38cm x 34.3cm Fabric
NECKLACE N - 22.9cm x 20.3cm Fabric
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