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Nancy Zieman

M6338  Printable Pattern Available

Carriers, Hot Pad and Picnic Totes
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Line Art & Yardage Information
Line Art

CARRIERS, HOT PAD AND PICNIC TOTES: Bottle Carrier A: Contrast lining. Casserole Carrier C: Lined with pre-quilted hot or cold fabric. Picnic Totes D, E: Self-lining. E: Contrast inside pockets.
C: 1/4 yd. of 3/4" VELCRO® Fastener Tape and Hot or Cold Pack.
D, E: Fabric Glue or 3/8" - 3/4" Narrow Strip of Paper-backed Fusible Webbing and 3/16" Cord: 25/8 yds. for View D and 37/8 yds. for View E.
SUGGESTED FABRICS: A, B, C, D: Cotton, Cotton Blends, Novelty Cotton.
Lining C: Pre-quilted Hot or Cold Insultated Fabric. Interfacing D, E: Heavy Craft Weight.
*With Nap **Without Nap ***With or Without Nap

Fabric widths given in inches.
A - 45"***, 1/2 yd.
CONTRAST A - 45"***, 1/2 yd.
45", 1/2 yd.
B - 45"***, 1/4 yd.
CONTRAST B - 45"***, 1/4 yd.
BATTING B - 45", 1/4 yd.
C - 45"***, 3/4 yd.
CONTRAST C - 45"***, 1/4 yd.
LINING C - 45"**, 3/4 yd.
D - 45"***, 7/8 yd.
CONTRAST 1D - 45"***, 3/8 yd.
CONTRAST 2D - 45"***, 5/8 yd.
CONTRAST 3D - 45"**, 1/4 yd.
SEW-IN INTERFACING D - 18", 20", 17/8 yds.
E - 45"***, 13/4 yds.
CONTRAST 1E - 45"***, 17/8 yds.
CONTRAST 2E - 45"**, 13/8 yds.
CONTRAST 3E - 45"***, 1/2 yd.
SEW-IN INTERFACING E - 18", 20", 25/8 yds.

Fabric widths given in centimeters.
A - 115cm***, 0.5m
CONTRAST A - 115cm***, 0.5m
115cm, 0.5m
B - 115cm***, 0.3m
CONTRAST B - 115cm***, 0.3m
BATTING B - 115cm, 0.3m
C - 115cm***, 0.7m
CONTRAST C - 115cm***, 0.3m
LINING C - 115cm**, 0.7m
D - 115cm***, 0.8m
CONTRAST 1D - 115cm***, 0.4m
CONTRAST 2D - 115cm***, 0.6m
CONTRAST 3D - 115cm**, 0.3m
SEW-IN INTERFACING D - 46, 51cm, 1.8m
E - 115cm***, 1.6m
CONTRAST 1E - 115cm***, 1.8m
CONTRAST 2E - 115cm**, 1.3m
CONTRAST 3E - 115cm***, 0.5m
SEW-IN INTERFACING E - 46, 51cm, 2.4m
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