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Happy Hollow

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Seasonal Decorations
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Retail Price: $16.25
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Line Art & Yardage Information
Line Art

SEASONAL DECORATIONS: Package includes patterns and instructions to make three decorations for door or wall, each approximately 20" in diameter; santa A has contrast beard, hat band and patched hat; snowman B has contrast hat, scarf, bands, mitten and ear covers; witch C has contrast hat and brim.
NOTIONS: Thread; Santa A, Snowman B, Witch C - Polyester Fiberfill, Powder Blush, Glue Gun and 1/2" Plastic Ring; Santa A - also Two 3/4" Buttons, One 11/4" Wooden Ball, One Pair 31/4" Wide Craft Glasses, Artificial Greenery, Cinnamon Sticks, One 11/4" Jingle Bell, One 13/4" Star Ornament or Jingle Bell, Heavy Thread, 20" of Twine and One 8" × 8" Lightweight Cardboard; Snowman B - also One 11/4" Wooden Ball, Two 1" Buttons, Nine Assorted Buttons for Mouth and Mitten Band, Yarn and One 3" × 5" Cardboard; Witch C - also Two 1" Buttons, Permanent Black Marker, Raffia, Three 1" Craft Spiders, Heavy Black Thread and One 7/8" Diameter, Lightweight Cardboard Circle.
SUGGESTED FABRICS: Cotton • Cotton Blends • Lightweight Woolens; Contrast 1A - Felt. Additional Fabric may be needed to match stripes, plaids or one-way design fabric.
*With Nap **Without Nap ***With or Without Nap

Fabric widths given in inches.
Santa Decoration A
45" ***, 5/8 Yd.
60" ***, 1/2 Yd.
Contrast 1A (Hat Band and Beard) 60" ***, 1 Yd.
72" ***, 7/8 Yd.
Contrast 2A (Patches) - Fabric Remnant, 19" × 14"
Contrast 3A (Patches) - Fabric Remnant, 131/2" × 51/2"
Contrast 4A (Patches) - Fabric Remnant, 131/2" × 51/2"
Contrast 5A (Patches) - Fabric Remnant, 51/2" × 6"
Contrast 6A (Patches) - Fabric Remnant, 8" × 5"
Contrast 7A (Patches) - Fabric Remnant, 5" × 41/2"
Contrast 8A (Patches) - Fabric Remnant, 91/2" × 5"
Paper-backed Fusible Webbing A - 22" **, 11/8 Yds.
Snowman Decoration B
45", 60" ***, 1/2 Yd.
Contrast 1B (Hat) - 45", 60" ***, 3/8 Yd.
Contrast 2B (Bands) - Fabric Remnant, 22" × 151/2"
Contrast 3B (Scarf) - 45", 60" ***, 1/2 Yd.
Contrast 4B (Mitten) - Fabric Remnant, 17" × 81/2"
Contrast 5B (Cover) - Fabric Remnant, 20" × 10"
Witch Decoration C
45", 60" ***, 1/2 Yd.
Contrast C (Hat, Band and Brim) - 45", 60" ***, 1/2 Yd.

Fabric widths given in centimeters.
Santa Decoration A
115cm***, 0.60m
150cm***, 0.50m
Contrast 1A (Hat Band and Beard)
150cm***, 0.95m
180cm***, 0.80m
Contrast 2A (Patches)
Fabric Remnant, 48cm × 35cm
Contrast 3A (Patches)
Fabric Remnant, 34cm × 13.8cm
Contrast 4A (Patches)
Fabric Remnant, 34cm × 13.8cm
Contrast 5A (Patches)
Fabric Remnant, 13.8cm × 15cm
Contrast 6A (Patches)
Fabric Remnant, 20.5cm × 12.5cm
Contrast 7A (Patches)
Fabric Remnant, 12.5cm × 11.3cm
Contrast 8A (Patches)
Fabric Remnant, 24cm × 12.5cm
Paper-backed Fusible Webbing A - 56cm**, 1.05m
Snowman Decoration B
115, 150cm***, 0.50m
Contrast 1B (Hat) - 115, 150cm***, 0.35m
Contrast 2B (Bands)
Fabric Remnant, 56cm × 39.5cm
Contrast 3B (Scarf) - 115, 150cm***, 0.50m
Contrast 4B (Mitten)
Fabric Remnant, 43cm × 21.8cm
Contrast 5B (Cover)
Fabric Remnant, 51cm × 25.5cm
Witch Decoration C
115, 150cm***, 0.50m
Contrast C (Hat, Band and Brim) - 115, 150cm***, 0.50m
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